G4AL announces engine for video game developers

Blockchain video game company G4AL is developing the G4AL Platform, a blockchain game platform for developers that is set to launch later this year. This follows G4AL’s creation and publication of its own blockchain video games, such as Elemental Raiders, which is set to launch in December 2022.

G4AL Games and G4AL Engine

G4AL is structured around two business areas: the blockchain games studio G4AL Games, and the G4AL Platform, a full service that enables external developers to create and launch their video games on G4AL’s blockchain. “Not only will we launch video games for players, but we will also offer a video game development platform based on our technology,” said Sort, CEO of G4AL. “External developers can bring their products to the blockchain while maintaining their quality, which is something that doesn’t yet exist in the marketplace.”

An engine for video game development on the blockchain

The G4AL Platform is a set of tools and services for video game developers that want to move their games to the blockchain. Many developers have found it difficult to overcome the hurdles to do so, or have found existing services inadequate. G4AL’s goal is to empower other studios to do the same and contribute to the development of the blockchain gaming industry.

Tools for blockchain video game development

Included in the G4AL Platform are an SDK that enables external developers to create and launch their video games on G4AL’s blockchain, a digital wallet for storing different types of tokens from gameplay, and a launcher that lets developers create, launch, and trade tokens and NFTs. “We know fully well how complicated and frustrating the process of developing a game for the blockchain can be,” said Sort. “We are determined to change things for the better. Our vision is to fuel the mass adoption of blockchain games. To do that, it’s vital for all developers to have the tools they need to get on the blockchain.”

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