G4AL closes a €1.2M pre-seed round

Games for a Living (G4AL) has announced that it has secured 1.2 million euros in its pre-seed round. Led by Inveready and Bonsai Partners, two of the largest venture capital funds in Spain.

The next step in blockchain gaming

The company is building a video game platform for gamers, developers, and other companies that use blockchain technology. This will allow users can earn tradable crypto tokens and NFTs.

G4AL is also working on a token- and NFT-based game, Elemental Raiders. The launch date is December 2022. Two further games, Diamond Dreams and Elemental Raiders MOBA, are due to follow in 2023.

Manel Sort, CEO of G4AL, explains: “Our purpose is to fuel the mass adoption of blockchain games, and we want to do it by providing top-quality games that are appealing for those new to the industry and by giving developers the tools they need to make the jump to the blockchain.”

The team behind G4AL

The video game and blockchain expertise behind G4AL are second to none. Manel Sort, the CEO, is the former FVP and Head of Studio at King Barcelona, the second largest studio of the global gaming company. Sort has also led other gaming companies such as Microjocs and Digital Chocolate. He has headed and launched more than 60 video games and gaming-related technologies that have overall generated more than one billion euros in revenue.

Games for a Living (G4AL)’s founders also include Javier León as art director, Christian Gascons as COO & technical director, and Marc Tormo as design director. León is an Emmy-nominated artist featured in the list of the 200 best digital artists in the world for his 3D designs (according to Lürzer Archive’s). Gascons and Tormo are both former employees of Blizzard Entertainment.

Sort, León, Gascons and Tormo have worked on dozens of successful video games across all major platforms in a wide range of genres, but the founding team also includes fintech and blockchain expertise. Another co-founder is Nuclio, one of the leading venture builders in Southern Europe, with a solid background in and portfolio of fintech businesses. The G4AL team also includes professional blockchain gamers, able to provide their unique expertise in the matter.

Next steps: ICO & game launch

G4AL has already launched the private sale of its Game Gold Token ($GGT). It is set to launch a public ICO (initial coin offering) in June. The funds will be used to continue to develop the G4AL offering for gamers and game developers.

At the end of June the company also plans to launch its first blockchain game, Elemental Raiders. The game is a free-to-play, turn-based PvP and PvE RPG game with token- and NFT-based features.

For more information on the ICO see the GGT White Paper